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Craftwork Scotch Bonnet 8%

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Flanders Brown Ale, Batch #5

Whisky Barrel Aged - Bottle Conditioned 

Scotch Bonnet began life as a Belgian Scotch ale, barrel aged in a rare N.Z. Whisky barrel. It has a touch of manuka and peated smoked malt and rubbed shoulders with our Flander's Red- Red Bonnet barrel, which transformed the beer over time, a year- to resemble an Oud Bruin or a Flander's old brown ale...Further ageing in the bottle. Subtle sourness and sweetness this beer is hard to define within narrow style parameters. 

Bronze medal, A.I.B.A. Melbourne 2016
Label art: From William Mosman circa 1745. Adapted by Michael O'Brien and Robin Crawford



Craftwork is a small brewery from Omaru with the intention is to brew small idiosyncratic batches of Belgian inspired ales, without compromise. Founded in 2014 with a 50 litre Braumeister, they decided to brew themselves, from grinding the malt by hand to bottling the finished product.     


They have opted to have a legal brewery in their stone basement. This allows them to consider contract brewing and gives the flexibility to dedicate the space to sour ales, usually too wild for most contract breweries to risk. They have won many awards for their beers, and most recently opening a taproom.