Spiegelau Craft Beer IPA Glass Set of 4

Spiegelau Craft Beer IPA Glass Set of 4

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The Spiegelau IPA beer glasses hands down revolutionised the IPA glass. 

Their unique design, created to support the complex and volatile aromas in IPA style beers allows the beer to be both more expressive leads to the beer retaining its aromatics for longer.

The glass has been developed in collaboration with two of the leading IPA brewers in the United States, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada.

Designed to showcase the complex and alluring aromatic profiles of American “hop-forward” IPA beers, preserve a frothy head, enhance taste and mouth feel, and present a comfortably wide opening for the drinker to savor each beer, Spiegelau’s latest design is the go-to vessel for enjoying IPA.


Vol: 540ml

Set of 4