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Craftwork Good Lord Tripel 9%

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2018 Vintage, batch 29

Hand crafted. Unfiltered and unpasteurised in the traditional manner for full flavour. Bottle Conditioned. The Trappist Monks know how to turn a beer into a Sacrament. As mere mortals, we can learn from the brothers, by putting our local ingredients to work in a Belgian recipe. This triple, highlights organic pilsner and toffee malt, and balances Nelson’s organic noble hop varieties. We chose the classic Wallonian Trappist yeast to give full expression to aroma and flavour. This beer need not be rushed and may be cellared for many years as it will evolve in the bottle. A warming drink, Good Lord Gold pours with a rocky head and a golden hue. It is best served in a chalice or red wine glass. Accompany with mature hard cheese, or sourdough loaves and fishes. Most importantly, relish a glass with your loved ones on your own special feast days. Bless you!



Craftwork is a small brewery from Omaru with the intention is to brew small idiosyncratic batches of Belgian inspired ales, without compromise. Founded in 2014 with a 50 litre Braumeister, they decided to brew themselves, from grinding the malt by hand to bottling the finished product.     


They have opted to have a legal brewery in their stone basement. This allows them to consider contract brewing and gives the flexibility to dedicate the space to sour ales, usually too wild for most contract breweries to risk. They have won many awards for their beers, and most recently opening a taproom.