Bootleg Jerky The OG Original Beef Jerky 80g

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The Big Cheese’s favourite and the one that started it all. OG is the brothers’ 100% grass-fed air-dried New Zealand beef, smothered with an elixir of the savoury flavours we all know and love to get the tastebuds tingling…onion, garlic, pepper, hickory smoke and a few key secret ingredients to keep you on your toes. Devour with your favourite beer, fill that gym bag or throw into your pack on your next adventure.



Bootleg Jerky is made right here in Auckland. It is pure grass-fed New Zealand beef soaked for days in mouth-watering all-natural ingredients and dried perfectly to produce a treat that’s the bee’s knees for any meat lover. Their recipes swap out the preservatives and artificial flavours for real ingredients, blended perfectly to create unique, bold flavours. Bootleg Jerky is good for three (3) months unrefrigerated.

Small Batch

Hand Crafted

100% Grass Fed Beef

No artificial flavors or perservatives