Y2KX Collective Trusty Steed SB 2017

Y2KX Collective Trusty Steed SB 2017

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Vintage: 2017

Region: Marlborough

Country: New Zealand

Classic Sauvignon Blanc




This Trusty Steed has led many on a safe and memorable wine passage. This wine has all the classical familiarity of a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, it has a big lifted nose of stone and tropical fruits and a punchy and delicious palate.


Like riding a horse, there are few tricks to getting these classic flavours. We let the very cold grape juice sit on its own lees for 72 hours with periodic stirring and then ferment the clear juice in a stainless steel tank using catchily named cultured yeast "Zymaflore X5." All the time we are aiming to keep the juice and wine as clean and cool as possible, to retain the beautiful fresh flavours and aromatics. The result is instantly recognisable and as easy to drink as falling off a horse.

Nose: Basil flower, limes, grapefruit
Palate: Melon, blackcurrant, passionfruit



"The Y2KX Collective is a growing group of talented people who are eager to craft wines that educate and interest you, the wine drinker. Y2KX provides an opportunity for people to collaborate together and do something different and interesting, take a few risks, think outside the square and create something to get excited about." -Y2KX

Unfined & Unfiltered - some sediment may remain.

Vegan friendly wine.