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Mount Brew Co Mermaids Mirth APA 6%

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Mermaids are conventionally thought of as beautiful with long flowing golden hair... and chance may have it, we think the same of our American Pale Ale. Yes indeed... she's a stunner! with a smooth tropical fruit aroma which is matched only by her big citrus flavour! It's not a myth! It's or Mirth... Our Mermaids Mirth.


Our Mermaids Mirth is what we’d call our flagship beer in our higher ABV series and has been our most popular beer for many years before and I’m sure for many years beyond. Packed full of American Hops it has big Citrus flavour and is supported by clean malt base making this beer incredibly sessionable at 6%. As you feel euphoria and glee, you realize it truly is the Mermaids Mirth.