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Craftwork Flemish Floozie 8%

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2018 Vintage

This Naughty fruity Ale, was inspired by a well-known Belgian 'one-of -a-kind' specialty beer. A sustaining drink, this complex beer will develop over time, with further aging in the bottle. Our interpretation is unfiltered, unpasteurised and bottle conditioned for full flavour.


The grain bill is a balance of organic pilsner and crystal malts from Gladfields, in Canterbury. a subtle combination of hops and 'secret; fruits, are combined with the native Flemish yeast strain, giving a sweet bouquet and a rewarding strong drink..Pour gently into a goblet at cellar temperature. Enjoy in moderation, with a smile and good company.



Craftwork is a small brewery from Omaru with the intention is to brew small idiosyncratic batches of Belgian inspired ales, without compromise. Founded in 2014 with a 50 litre Braumeister, they decided to brew themselves, from grinding the malt by hand to bottling the finished product.     


They have opted to have a legal brewery in their stone basement. This allows them to consider contract brewing and gives the flexibility to dedicate the space to sour ales, usually too wild for most contract breweries to risk. They have won many awards for their beers, and most recently opening a taproom.