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JK14 Ombra De Vin Prosecco

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Non Vintage

Region: San Polo di Piave

Country: Italy

100% Glera DOC Prosecco Brut


“Legend has it that each morning in Old Venice, a wine vendor would set up his cart at the foot of the famous Campanile in Piazza San Marco... the bell tower in St Mark’s square. Through the day, as the sun beat its way across the piazza cobblestones, he would move to stay in the bell tower’s shadow – ombra, in Italian – making sure his wine kept cool and fresh. To this day, ask any Venetian tavern-keeper for “two shadows” – “Dame do ombre!” – and he’ll know exactly what you mean...two small chalice-glasses of fine Prosecco (you’ll never ask for just one ombra, because it is always to be shared with a friend). Fresh, crisp and dry, this authentic Prosecco from the Province of Treviso is as rewarding as that welcoming patch of breezy shade on a sweltering summer’s day...” - John Kirwan


Colour: Pale straw yellow 
Bouquet: Recalls yellow apple, pineapple, acacia flower, wisteria and hay
Flavour: Fresh, harmonious and dry with a delicate perlage



"Jk.14 offers a selection of wines produced by my winemaking friends from the Veneto region of Italy, where I lived for more than 10 years. Living in Treviso, I had the privilege to meet local wine producers, who cultivate their vines with passion and respect for nature and tradition. By sharing these wines with you, I hope you fall in love with Treviso and the Veneto region as much as I have."   -John Kirwan